Tuesday, May 23, 2006

SpudGun 3 - Those Damned Junkie Deejays

Those Damned Junkie Deejays

Band Link

Band Members:
Sarah Louisa - Vocals
Al - Guitar & Vocals
Anto - Guitar & Vocals
Poncho - Bass
Antonio - Drums

Those Damned Junkie Deejays are a Dublin based 5 piece funk-rock type thing. With naive plans for global domination they are relying on their wits and some pretty kick ass music. Those with a keen eye (and ear) might spot them giging around Dublin and beyond. Look out for their debut single due to be released real soon!!

In the mean time they have (foolishly) allowed self appointed music critic and general loudmouth Lester St. Vincent access to their Blog page so be sure to check out his gormless rantings.

Oh and don't forget to visit their website (www.junkiedeejays.com) where you can log on to their forum and give them abuse for not having updated it in a long time... but that should all change soon...

For a listen to a rare acoustic pre-production version of Something Temporarily visit the progressive productions website (www.progressiveprodutions.net) where you can download that track among other little gems.

Those Damned Junkie Deejays are currently in pre-production for the recording of their debut single tentatively titled "Guilty" and working on a shed load of new songs for your aural pleasure. Keep an eye on the blog for the latest news.




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